Invest and Trade

We are more than an exchange.

Invest and Trade everywhere 24/7 with peer-to-peer settlement.

How It Works

1. Invest

Vestrade team provide best investment available for you. Invest your capital in equity crowdfunding campaign.

2. Trade or Hold

You can trade your asset or hold them for dividend income. Our fee is very competitive (0.2 percent).

3. Earn Dividend

Holding tokenized stocks in certain amount make you available for dividend sharing. Own your asset now.

Our mission is to make investment affordable for everyone.

We grow together with every Vestrade stakeholders.

Vestrade Solution

Trading Platform

Buy or sell digital securities crossborderly. Our platform is always open 24/7. We list startup, SMEs, Franchise, and post-IPO stocks around the world.

Equity Crowdfunding

Be the underwriter in Vestrade. Tokenized stocks will be listed in our exchange with higher price to ensure your maximum return.

Secure and Low Fee

We care your asset’s security very serious. So we won’t hold your asset, you manage your own asset. Our transaction is settled wallet to wallet with lower fee and no minimum order.

The Future of Investment

We believe that everyone deserve to invest anywhere they want, trade anytime, with any amount. Start investing in high potential project as low as 1000 rupiah.

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